Prepare for Shock & AWE

Prepare yourself for the introduction and launch of the Sierra Denali EV.
Built alongside the Silverado EV at GM's Factory Zero the electric Sierra EV will share many mechanical and Ultium EV components with it's Chevrolet cousin. However, the Sierra EV, while being the 3rd EV released under the GMC brand, will be the first to be introduced in an exclusive DENALI trim level. Aficionadoes of the GMC Sierra recognize immediately that this means the GMC Sierra Denali EV will feature the luxurious design and comfort amenites that built the DENALI equity for GMC.
Official specifications and capabilites have yet to be released. We are expecting announcements on Battery and Motors, Ranges and delivery dates. Jim Ellis, your Atlanta EV Headquarters, will continue to provide the latest information.You cn stay in the SHOCK and AWE loop by providing us with your contact information below.